Garfield’s favorite choice of cuisine.

Will finish the plate within seconds. The cat will start imagining the plate of a lasagna is a woman with her legs spread wider than the cats eye can see. Then he will feast.
“Garfield feasted on the lasagna as if it were his last meal.”

“Garfield bit Odie’s neck off after he attempted to steal is lasagna.”
by FatherDictionary April 23, 2018
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Much like the burrito, a sexual act for the female's pleasure/humiliation. Like the burrito, the act consists or fucking her in the ass, the cunt, and the mouth, in that order, however, there is one difference. In the lasagna, before you stick it in her mouth, you punch her once in the head.
Damn bitch was mouthin' off again at the bar, so when I got her home it was time for her lasagna. But she loves it, she's so great.
by StrangePlanet December 23, 2003
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When a guy diarrheas all over a girls face and then spreads it around with his dick blinding her.

He then surprises her with different moves for more sexual tension.
Kelsey and I had some great lasagna last night
by abdawg12345678 August 20, 2009
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A haircut typically sported by male fans of EBM music. Distinguished by a shaven head with a small patch of hair left at the top which resembles the Italian dish, lasagna.
Look at that hot lasagna.
That's a nice slice of lasagna he's got.
by kommandantK September 06, 2006
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Lasagna, Lasagned(Past tence)Lasagnaing(act of) When you're drunk as hell doing doggy-style and you yack all over her back. Thus looks like a plate of lasagna.
Damn! I was so fucked up last night, I lasagnaed the bitch!
by Jimmy-Jo September 29, 2007
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