Jill: Wow, a mail man ran over your dog, that sucks

Pete: Yeah, it was lasagna
by dusseldorfer91 March 24, 2010
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the act of making sweet, sweet love; and in the process, burning the meat dish in the oven.
E: Oh fuck, that cunt burned my pan again.
R: Oh no, was Lisa making lasagna with the guy she met at the bar last night?
by brown bonnet November 08, 2010
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1: the food dish that is made of pasta ,sauce, cheese and sometimes meat

2: the female genitalia
1: he all the lasagna we made for dinner now I have nothing to eat

2: man all those chicks at the end of the night we're eating each other's lasagna's the party was lit though
by LuckyChunLi August 04, 2017
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A double entendre that means a delicious Italian meal OR a secret code word used for weed.
Josh: Hey Dan you been eating any good lasagna recently?
Dan: Nah my Landlord has been all in my business.
Josh: Damn man I need some more lasagna.
by Penncilvester February 12, 2018
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all i know is that it is an italian dish(food)and Garfield really loved it. i would say,an italian "sheperds" pie.
could i have some lasagna?
by Muts May 17, 2007
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