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That outfit is super larpy, you could totally be a Viking right now.
by TheDolphinTest November 14, 2016
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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A person who participates in Live Action Role Playing. (L.A.R.P.) Geeky even for geeks.
You see that guy in the trench coat and fake vampire teeth. He's a larpy.
by TMarcello April 03, 2008
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The feeling of fatigue and/or lethargy succumbing to the point of disability as a result of ingesting certain chemical compounds.
After doubling the prescribed dose of the codeine hit, she was so larpy that she used the building’s marble façade as a pillow.
by machBailz May 04, 2007
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