A "Larper" is a person that does something that is way out of their capability but genuinely thinks they can do it even though it's obvious they're no-where near doing so.
"Dude, stop Larping. You're clearly way off being able to do this. Such a Larper."
by YourMumsVisa October 8, 2022
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A word that describes a live action role player or someone who enjoys acting out fantasy adventures.
"That guy dressed up like star trek is such a larper"
by aba March 28, 2005
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Someone who has extreme political views that are outlandish. Someone who has delusions about how successful their political ambitions are. Someone who likes "Larping" more than actual politics.
xXBasedTradCrusaderXx: America is so close to becoming a White Catholic theocracy, I can feel it! The Pope will rule our new White homeland from Maine to Alaska after the coming war! Deus Vult!
Person: you're such a larper man.
by Hdixiabaizhfiebx February 9, 2023
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people pretending to be someone else in the internet because their life is miserable enough
Some loser: "Ted was right, the industrial revolution an its consequences were-"
Me, a galaxy brain: stfu larper, kys!
by Toxic Coffee November 24, 2022
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Some poor ass nigga from Rbxflip or Roblox BM in general who talks about money or assets they don’t have to their name.
This larper named henrik keeps talking about how much bitcoin he has but can’t even show proof of funds.
by LostMyNet March 9, 2022
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A larper is someone who fakes a disorder for attention or to be cool/quirky.
Dude loren is such a larper, smh she tells everyone she has BPD when she doesn’t actually have it.
by Usbuk November 24, 2020
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A larper is a general insult to describe someone. This insult can be used in a variety of ways and can substitute things like: asshat, moron, fucker, etc. It can also be used as a verb or adjective.
Man, he is such a larper, he is late again! Or There he is out larping about. That larping crazy person is going to hurt someone.
by Burg larper January 8, 2023
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