Being so stupid and retarded that you don't know how to spell retarded correctly.
natalie: "your so retated"
molly: "i'm retated? no your the one who is retarded you don't even know how to spell"
by Natty Nat April 7, 2009
1. (adj.) Possessing low mental ability
2. (n.) Someone who posseses a low mental ability

A bastardization of "retard", this term originates from paranoid people on the subreddit r/CognitiveTesting who soy out about not scoring 99.99th percentile on cognitive tests
You are retat for believing that
by treecoffee February 23, 2023
When someone references a movie to show off their interior skill.
"You're so Retatable Dodo is man, Since when did you know so much about Batman?"
by Tinks_ May 27, 2018
What retarded kids call retarded kids.
He's pretty retatted.
by MoxInTheBox May 5, 2018
misspelling of retard often typed in full caps, during rage when arguing on the internet.
Person 1 : Why are you so bad?
by Vexeneee March 17, 2012