An non-reality-based life form that purports to be a visionary, or having visions.
Are they visionaries or just having visions? No, they are delusionaries. delusionary
by johnstigall April 27, 2009
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People who make being distracted a lifestyle. (also known as cowards or retreatists)
Mike: Did you notice homelessness has gotten out of control? I went to the local park, there are tents. I walked down the street there are tents and structures. I went to the large department, there are college students and working people living out of vehicles. I went to the pharmacy and I saw one impoverished probably homeless man walk up and punched a woman who looked to impoverished or vulnerable herself. This is ridiculous what is happening in the neighbourhood and this city. It's getting worse.

Dave: Did you see the new Marvel Movie?

Mike in his head: I'm going to distance myself from this delusionary and find mature people to connect with.

Mike to Dave: No, I did not, how was it?

Dave: It was good.

Both parted ways and Mike avoids Dave now, because he's not looking for brain rotting interactions or to check out of a reality he cannot handle.
by Jebus12213454 August 13, 2021
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1. Someone suffering from a belief that there favorite character is a super cool badass based of them just liking the character. The character in question can have no feats near what a person suffering from DFS says he can do.
Ex: A person suffering from DFS would think Krillin is the strongest fighter in DBZ and would be strong enough to fight Perfect Cell and win with no help.

2. Someone suffering from a belief of their favorite characters needing extra care/exposure when they serve no real purpose to the overall story arc of the series they are in. They make up random scenarios to put their characters in, but unlike fan fiction writers it is their own headcanon that they try to spread to everyone.
"Stephanie Brown would mop the floor with Batman in his prime"
"Robert, you are suffering from Delusionary Fanboy Syndrome"
by Mr_JayJay24 April 28, 2020
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When you bottle up so much rage (or emotions in general) your mind seems to explode to create a new mischievous identity to release all the feeling for you.
Our dad ain’t some murderous psycho on the loose! He only has advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage!”
by Bomvu February 2, 2023
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