My dick ;);););) and the opposite of yours.my bitch’s ass and the opposite of your slut’s ass.My nigga’s instagram @amro_apparently go follow plz im a begging
Girl:Woah thats amro’s dick, its large
Amro:in it , now suck it u lil whore
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by Big dick999999999999inchs November 18, 2018
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Really good, excellent. Used by DJs and dance music fans to describe a track.
Dave Pearce has some large tunes in his bag that evening
by Rich Lawson May 27, 2005
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When you are 'avin' it in a collosal fashion. One size fits all. It is possible to say "how are you avin' it?" as this means the same thing due to the fact that there is only one size to 'ave' it
Q. How are ya avin' it brother?
by G-avin' It Hilton February 20, 2004
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In sarcasm, to refer to something as unworthwhile, lacking merit or otherwise derogatory.

Can be used with prefixes "fairly" and "particulary" for added effect.

See also: small
Bobby: Dude check this shit I can get u the latest crackz & hackz for ps2

Fred: Bobby you are fairly large
by Yozzer August 25, 2004
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