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a shithole with plenty of neds and half decent ice cream

largs is good for one thing, home of elaine joe and martin.
largs resident: this place is a shithole
tourist: what a lovely place
by complainey April 09, 2007
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1) a playful insult, similar in meaning to 'big silly goose'... could be use by a gay person or friend.
2) a typo of larf.
1) Oh, you great big larg!
2) Yeah, it was a barrel of largs...
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To murder an excess of 10,000 people.
Did you see that clown? I think he's going to larg in that orphanage!
by Joe Marinello January 31, 2006
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(v) when a girl gargles the cum in her mouth
Last night my girl larged after she gave me dome.
by Jonkey July 20, 2008
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When a flacid penis is presented to a female part, mostly a vagina, it remains soft causing the male to think of his sexual preferences.
Last night, i went home with this girl and i was larg the entire time!
by J. A 2 H July 21, 2009
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Live Action Robotic Gaming. The emerging industry that combines online gaming, VR (virtual reality), and robotics into a single adrenaline fueled experience. The term was coined by LARG guru and futurist, Jack Tatum.
Kaleb knew Jack would be the new Steve Jobs when coined the term LARG for his creation.
by JJTATUM February 25, 2015
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