A very tall person who can reach objects from great distances.
1) Shea
2) "Oh my god there's Shea he is so lankey, everyone duck down when he reaches for something."
3) "Holy crap look, Shea just turned the tv on sitting from 6 feet away!)
4) Mr.Fantastic from the Fantastic 4
by Kyle Gregory Williams May 13, 2007
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Long and fat
Get the hell out of my room, with your Lankey-head ass.
by Jmoney54 December 25, 2011
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The action in between hard and flaccid when your dick hangs down just like monkeys arm
Damn man yesterday all day I was pulling a lankey mankey
by Logan boden November 4, 2016
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A Shakespearean insult to target ones insecurity about being tall.

extremely tall
You're a Lankey Beanpole!
by KittyTishy October 16, 2016
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a guy that usually allways has tricks or suprises up his sleave.
"here's comes that tell lankey fellow, wonder what the bitch boy had got now?"
by austin January 7, 2004
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Lankey shlankey is a more family friendly term to describe a massive fucking penis, it can be used while there is a small kid around who won't know what it means
person 1 - that's a lankey shlankey ya got there
persons 2 - why thank you
Kid - What?
by Koffash and YouTube October 29, 2020
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