The fourth installment of the "Fantastic" series. Not as acclaimed as its prequels.
Peter- "Did you see Fantastic 4?"
Jules- "Nah man, I haven't even seen the first three."
Peter- "Okay."
by TakingThingsOutOfContext January 13, 2009
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1. You stretch her out (Mr. Fantastic)
2. You burn her with a candle (Human Torch)
3. Hit her over the head with a rock ( The Thing)
4. Ignore her afterwards (Invisible Woman)
"Hey man, why did you Fantastic 4 that Hoe last night?"

"Bro-der, she doesnt deserve regular banging."
by Drew N Chris December 27, 2007
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A group of 4 girls from the bay area, known for throwing parties that don't stop until the cops come. Also known as F4.
Bro, I was at the Fantastic 4 New Year's party and Killer had to talk to the cops with no clothes on.
by Mistah Johnson January 6, 2008
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