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A cute couple that is meant to be, everybody loves the couple! everybody thinks they'd be even better if they dated but SOMEONE is resistant.
Geez, Liam and Anika is a great ship! I think they should be called Lanika! or, I ship Lanika!
by kool kat hehe March 12, 2019
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pronunciation: la-nee-kah

1. Beautiful black girl who is intelligent,ambitious, independent, nice but don't get on her bad side.

2. Person who has little to none friends but the ones she does have mean everything to her.

3. caring will go out of her way to make sure EVERYONE is cool no matter what she has to do to get it done.

Origins: 1995, With both American and Cambodian roots <ni- meaning beautiful goddess and ka- meaning smiling affirmation>
#synonyms: hot #smart #joyous #admired #extraordinary #female deity. antonyms: hater #shallow #plain #zero swag.
1. DAMN. Let me call Lanika she'll know what to do.

2. I would most definitely need a lanika right now.

3. Girl. You almost lookin' as fine as a Lanika Al-Most
by Lil Nik Nik July 16, 2017
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