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A beautiful girl who is loved by everyone, she is good at making friends and has a very good sense of humor. She is very smart, pretty and very sensitive at times. She is an extraordinary person and is a great friend. She is very caring, kind and has a great personality. She is very emotional and can be tough to handle at some points but at the end of the day she is a loving person to everyone.
John: "Anika is a very beautiful girl."
by By unkown December 18, 2015
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This girl is the sexiest you'll ever see. A girl beautiful, smart, funny and kind. She is generous and only thinks of others. Girls like these are very rare. She is like a goddess. She is a sensitive girl who can be very caring when it comes to loving someone. Once you fall for Anika, there is a part of her in you forever. The one girl you can trust with your life.

Referring to Anika is like referring to perfect.
James: I wish my gf was morel like an Anika..

Ben: I wish Anika WAS my gf.
by missing youu November 27, 2011
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This girl is beautiful. She is very funny, smart, and kind. She is also generous, but do not take advantage of her. An Anika can be very sensitive. Anika's have a one of a kind personality, you simply cannot find anywhere else. They love animals, preferably cats. If you fall in love with an Anika, you will not want to let her go. She's a diamond. She puts people in front of herself most of the time. Very emotional at times. Spectacular in bed with her partner. She quite possibly could be the funnest person you'll ever meet!
Austin: My girl Anika is amazing man. She cooks me breakfast in the morning right after sex. She is a Goddess man.

Peter: I wish I had you girlfriend. Fuck off.
by austin78463 February 10, 2013
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A gorgeous girl who happens to be my best friend. All the guys love her, even the ugly ones.
Alex: "Hey, Anika, that guy thinks you're hot."
Maggie: "Ew, he's ugly."
by Meglit December 22, 2007
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