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a school where the “smart kids” end up becoming stoners and having no friends. the rotc kids drag people down to the basement and rape them with their stupid little pins. mr lopez sticks his dicks in everyone’s ear until they put their fucking id on. with lane kids it’s either suck dick or get your dick sucked
lane tech -
rotc kid: come down here faggot
retarded religious lane kid: no i’m saving my virginity until marriage

mr lopez: i want you to look at me while i fuck you to make sure you’re picture matches your face
by fatkid13 March 07, 2019
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the most balla ass school in the Chicagoland area. fuck ya mean. so diverse, so large, so fucking awesome. although, i prefer NCP when it comes to academics. LT should start acting like a selective enrollment school. da fuck we got regular classes fo? this shit right here nigga, this shit right here nigga, right here nigga, this shit here nigga: this shit is the truth. fuck ya mean? LT: school of champions (in Chicago) we need to hit up a state title like ASAP.
lane tech!!!!! '08!!! '08!!!! '08!!!!
by Big G da MC November 11, 2007
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A school where white skinny nerds run around the halls playing recorder and smashing short Asians
I go to Lane Tech. The nerds are fucking weird as shit.
by Ya Ya Yeetus March 27, 2019
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A school where boys claim “they are different” and act like the nicest kids ever but in reality they are all just a bunch of horn dogs. he’ll tell u he only talks to u though so watch out!
Friend: omg I’m talking to this cute lane boy

Me: ahaha he’s talking to me too

Friends: ew lane boys are assholes
Me: lane tech rejects, I wish we never met
by ilovewood123456788 July 16, 2018
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