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"Lancey" or "Lancie" is an adjective to describe something that someone named "Lance" would do, wear, say, etc.
There's this guy in my class that's totally lancey.
You might want to consider a different shirt. That one's really lancey.

That is the lanciest thing I've ever heard.
Those tassels are really lancey.
Don't wear sunglasses inside, that's lancey.
by FreakNastyPants April 29, 2010
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A great guy who is there for any friend, always knows how to make someone laugh and has a cute smile. He hates drama but always sticks up for his friend if necessary. He's athletic and knows how to get his points across, if he cares for you he will treat you as great as possible. He's considerate and is the greatest guy you could meet, if you meet one you're lucky.
Who is that cute guy over there?

Oh that's Lancey
by Someone1331 August 19, 2017
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