Lamma is the one who is evil and nice at the same time.Shes shy in front of teachers but not in front of besties.But overall she is the one everyone like.Shes nice,sweet,pretty,
Hey Lamma your the best.
by llaama November 26, 2018
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When someone has had braces on their top teeth and the top ones are fixed but their bottom teeth are still screwed up.(teeth resembling a lammas) you have lamma teeth!
by Bean Monger February 20, 2008
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located in east London ,Lammas is known for fights out side of the school aspeasially at CROWNS NO RESPECT .puttasss
As Lammas school is a rlly violent school ,shit school
by Infoioi May 19, 2019
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The erection you present to your girl after you masterbate before sex with her.
Yo I squeezed one off before I slammed my girls cheeks you know I had to give her the Alabama wham-a-lamma
by Dub wobble February 25, 2020
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a lamma mamma is a lamma that was raised by humans, brought up by our species,they have been in the human family for a long time, long enough to see a new generation form, the lamma's human owner becomes pregnant and gives birth to a new human, the lamma, who is so the close to the new human mother, becomes protective and "mother like" towards the new human child, the lamma destroyes the human mother and takes the human child under its wing and raises it as its own destroying anything in its path.
Ever since Becky became a mother she is so fucking protective! That witch is such a lamma mamma!
by INSPECTOR.GADJETT August 01, 2009
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