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To drink large quantities of alcohol and sing 90's pop songs until the wee morning hours, usually with only one other person. Also used to describe making drunken decisions to do shots.
**also see "bad decisions"
"Oh man I am so tried me and Janet were up all night drinking and signing Madonna."
"Damn Laverne, sounds like you got lamed!"
by bizdoggette June 06, 2016
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Verb:To get your Steam,World of Warcraft,Runescape,Myspace,Facebook or even email hijacked by giving a password away during chatting or even in an email
Jim:Dude,Bob,I'm telling you!Gabe Newell stole my steam account!
Bob:Dude,I doubt Gabe Newell would steal your two game account.
Steve:You just got lamed,man!
by Capt.Aggro February 01, 2009
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