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A symbol in the greek alphabet.

In physics, represents nuclear half life, or the wavelength of a ray/photon/light.

Used in the Half-Life games as the symbol for the rebellion. Also represents the game in general.
"C (The Speed of Light) equals Lambda (wavelength) times F (frequency)."

"Follow the lambdas spray-painted on the walls to a secret weapons cache."
by Baelnoren June 09, 2008
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A group of men, usually of Asian decent, with abnormally large penii, found grouped together at your local Asian-American gatherings, picking up all the women and making other men envious of their penii.
"Wow, look at those Lambdas, they have abnormally large penii."

"Ow, that Lambda made me bleed last night."

"That Lambda's thing was so big, I couldn't put my mouth around it."
by small asian woman October 14, 2007
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term used to describe the gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, and progressive subculture; term used to describe the gay civil rights movement.
I am a member of the lambda community.
by Simba dlp November 11, 2010
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The radioactive decay constant. Symbol for nuclear half life.

Like the rainbow, the lambda is yet another cool symbol stolen by the gay community.
guy: Hey did you see my cool counterstrike sticker I put on my car?!? Its a lambda!
by P6 July 07, 2006
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Lambda refers to the common household pet. This pet is never to be named anything other than lambda. Lambdas can be cross bred between other animals such as unicorns. This particular breed is called a lambda corn. Other common crossbreeds are pamela anderson + lambda= pamlambda anderson. Lambdas are sold at a price of 300 yen or 600 yen when it is buy one lambda get on free.
Have you got your lambda yet?
Everyone is doing it!
by R182 January 08, 2008
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