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1. A hilarious movie, made in 1984 but still fun today, in which nerds go to college and jocks and cheerleaders pick on them. The nerds form a chapter of a fraternity that previously only had black people in it. Then the nerds wreak revenge on the jocks and cheerleaders including by staging a panty raid on a sorority house. The movie climaxes with the nerds putting on a concert in which Poindexter plays an electric violin while the nerds play music and the African American nerd raps. The nerds and a fat chick sorority then take control of campus. The movie was followed by Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise. The movie featured characters such as Poindexter, Booger, Lamar Latrell, Wormser, Lewis and Gilbert and Takashi.

2. Any situation in which nerds strike back at people who are cool or who torment nerds or any other misfit group.

"Let's watch a really funny 1980s movie tonight."

"How about Revenge of the Nerds?"

"Great idea!"


"Did you hear that all of the shower heads in the football locker room were filled with Super Glue?"

"Are you kidding? That's great! It's Revenge of the Nerds!"

"Yeah, just like when all those pizzas got ordered to Biff's party just before the cops busted it and cited all those dumb jocks for having beer!"
by PMax February 12, 2008
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1. A song by Scholastic Deth.

2. A movie series from the 1980's.

3. What scenesters, wiggers and posers suffer at the hands of intellectual punks (of all varities from nerd to thrasher to crustie to posi hardcore kids to grinders to metalheads, you elitist pricks).
Revenge of the nerds!
Armed with books and calculators
Gang of scholastic regulators

Geeks, losers, brainiacs
Feel the wrath! NERD ATTACK!

Don't got time for their dirty looks
Too busy reading our favorite books

Geeks, losers, brainiacs
Feel the wrath! NERD ATTACK!
by Jayr Jones May 09, 2006
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