Lake Orion

A moderate sized town located in NE Michigan.
The girls , who are often label whores, wear skintight yoga pants, ugg boots, those gay feather hair extensions, and fake Chanel logo earrings.Typically with microscopic breasts and huuge cameltoe. The mostly middle -upper class white teenagers call eachother "nigga" . Guys either are fatter than a fucking hippopotomous and wear JV WRESTLING tshirts, or are skinny pricks that wear shirts that say "A&F Panthers 1892" or some shit. There are a few sexxy ass mofos, but they are quite commonly douchebags, who are pissed they didnt make Jersey Shore casting call. They also enjoy bragging about how kick ass the Varsity football team is, although they couldnt get in to JV.
There are a few good kids in LO. But nobody gives a shiitt about them. But the worst part of all about Lake Orion is that there is absolutely nothing to fucking do.
Residents enjoy binge drinking in eachothers basements for fun. People also enjoy eating at the local diner , G's, where they sometimes serve drinks to minors and make food that tastes worst than dog ass.
If you are as unfortunate as I am to be living in the boring town of Lake Orion, you are one unlucky mother fucker.
Guy 1: "Holy shit, that gal looks like a cheap ass prostitute with them bleachy ass highlites and bra-less tittays!"

Guy 2: "She must be from Lake Orion !! Ask her out , nigga!"

Guy 1: "Naww, I dont feel like getting HIV,Gonorrhea,and Chlymidia. Plus there aint no place to hang out that has a bathroom where she can give me a BJ!"

Guy 2: "God damn, Lake Orion must be boring as hell!! I feel bad for those unlucky motherfuckers!"

Guy 1: "Yeah. Lets go pick up some Rochester babes instead!
by onebigroomfullofbadbitches September 13, 2011
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A shitty town located in oakland county. The high school is filled with stoners, fake bitches, niggers, and jock pussys. If your lucky enough to be a stoner then then you probaly know the small amount of kids that are alright to chill with. There is never anything to do in Lake Orion except smoke weed, party, and go fishin. The worst thing by far about Lake Orion is that there is no girls that arent coon lovers or fake nasty bitches. Most the boys in lake orion wear clothes purchesed at pure energy or some gay store that sells volcom skinny jeans and pink belts.
Justin-" Hey, i met this sexy girl last night bro."

Chris-"Wheres she from?"

Justin-" Lake Orion"

Chris-" Thats why they make condoms bro."
by kushman16 January 10, 2012
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A trash town located in michigan. Primarily known for the trashiness of the city; also referred to as Lake Whorian for the reputation of the women who reside in said slum.
You see those fags from Lake Whorian? Effin douchebags, I wouldn't mind if Lake Orion ate a nuke tomorrow.
by ajdrews3 January 18, 2009
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