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A small suburb in Northeast Dallas that consists of mostly white people living in small, old, remodeled homes. People here wear nothing but Toms, Sperrys, Polos and we cant forget The North Face during the winter time. People of Lake Highlands only eat Chick-fil-a or occasionally Taco Bell(for "diversity") when they eat out. Coffee? Starbucks or white rock coffee, no other coffee shops exists. Families in this suburb consider themselves to be conservative Christians; but remain oblivious to the fact that they're raising their children to be parts of "cliques" that consist only of people that go to their same church (or Young-Life) or old family friends, when in fact they should be teaching them to adapt to diversity and new faces. Lake Highlands High School continues to be a huge part of the Lake Highlands community, you'll find that many of the current students parents went here as well (These are the same parents that wouldn't miss a PTA meeting for the world). Recently, Lake Highlands has been becoming more and more diverse...and by diverse I mean ghetto. 
Samantha: You're going to Lake Highlands next year?
John: Yea
Samantha: Good luck man, people be shady.
by LakeHighlander December 24, 2011
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