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A newb's excuse for getting pwned
some guy:OFMG Lag
me:STFU this is a LAN newb. I pwnt yoos.
by BullChri May 23, 2005

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A very small, almost indetectable penis.
Like a jube-jube
"The bus driver has a jube-jube dick"
by BullChri May 21, 2005

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A store where items clothing which may be exactly similar to that found at Wal-Mart or Zellers, with the exception of being branded with some guy's name and sold for 2 or 3 times as much. And where people who think that wearing expensive clothes like the cool people on the T.V. and/or have no sense of individuality, still shop.
Consumer Whore: "wow, the T.V. told me I should be paying $30 more for clothes exactly the same as those that are less, just because they have someone else's name on them, and help me to raise my social status slightly!! better go to Abercrombie."
by Bullchri July 04, 2005

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