A small town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is very pretty but BORING AS HELL. Most kids get into drugs because there is absolutely nothing else to do. It has twice the provincial average of underage pregnancies. Don't Ever Move Here if you know whats good for you.
Guy 1: Dude, Ladysmith is so fucking boring!
Guy 2: Oh! I know!
by Tara-- October 2, 2007
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Small beautiful town in Western BC. The adults are all so wonderful(besides the chance crackhead), but the teens are a different matter. A large percentage get into drugs, due to peer pressure or boredom. Gangs are common and Christmas is NOT a good time to walk the streets. A good portion or kids can be seen strutting along with their pants around their knees yelling "SKINNER" or "TROUT" at whoever they see.
Old Man: Wow, kids in Ladysmith suck.

Old Woman: You bet! At least we've got the beautiful view.

Ignorant Teen: SKINNER!

Old Man: *sigh*
by Rahl_Amnell November 26, 2008
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A swirling vortex of madness marring the landscape of Vancouver Island, Canada. The freak of nature and perversion of science has an uncanny habit of grabbing hold of the lost souls that live there, and even those that visit, which prevents them from ever going too far for too long. To be avoided at all costs, lest you be sucked in like the rest of us.
"Oh man. I had plans on moving away from Ladysmith when I graduated, but now I'm 45 and banging my best friend's wife."
by EJSpur October 29, 2008
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A beautiful town on vancouver island, where tucans are hated,skate parks are popular, and fridays are just another exscuse to get drunk

P.S we stongley hates chemanius and the inconciderate people in it, and hate being over populated by tourists
teen1: 'lets get fuuuuckked up "

teen2: "might as well its, friday "

ex 2:

teen: "fuck school nigga, ima be a dope deela "

teacher: " well, we can all see where your going in life"
by youwillneverknow1234 July 8, 2011
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A guy who bangs a lot of girls. A male slut.
He'll never settle down; he's such a ladysmith.
by DrHeck April 4, 2014
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A neatly packed joint consisting of one rolling paper that is completely stuffed with weed.

A fat doobie by any standard.

Originated in Ladysmith, BC by a local group of cannabis enthusiasts.
Meh, it's just a Ladysmith Pinner.
by bitter-child August 4, 2011
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