Deviant sexual experience performed by two nude males and an uncooked piece of spaghetti. The males face each other, and each places an end of the noodle into their urethra, then lean in. Typically performed by gay males, gay-curious, or or rich kids at private school.
by Papa Joe Cord February 5, 2020
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An amazing Disney Classic. Made in 1956, this masterpiece is a love story between innocent, petite, classy American Cocker Spaniel, Lady and smart, street-wise, daring, Stray Mutt, Tramp. When Lady's owner's, the Darlings, focus all their attention on the baby and have no time for her, Tramp teaches Lady the ways of the street to take her mind off of the family's issues. Watch them have an amazing adventure, the couple will experience joy, fear and heart-break. This is a special family movie the kids will never forget.
Lady and the Tramp Lady Tramp Love
by Mysterious Angel October 17, 2015
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A sexual act in which a man receives simultaneous oral sex and analingus from two female partners.

The name is a reference both to the scene in the Disney Movie of the same title in which Lady and the Tramp slurp opposite ends of the same spaghetti, and also a way of naming the two women involved: the "lady" (performing the blowjob) and the "tramp" (performing the rimjob).
He got those two sisters SO drunk that during the threesome they gave him a Lady and the Tramp.
by ladyandthetramp January 4, 2010
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When two beautiful ladies lick up opposite sides of a hard penis and when they reach the top, they transition into a hot girl girl French kiss!
It was so hot when Ginger and MaryAnn did that Lady and the Tramp move while sucking off the Professor!
by SildogintheNatti July 1, 2021
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Lady and the Tramp is a term that generally refers to a female PIMP and her male PROSTITUTES. The lady is in complete control of her tramp, and is often sleeping with all or one of the tramps.
Bill:Hey did you see the Lady and the Tramp in the red light district?

Ted: Ya, she was slappin around her hoes like a real pimp!
by Fenbers February 11, 2010
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A phenomenon in which the focus enjoyed by a domestic animal becomes preempted by a life event experienced by his or her owners. Particularly applicable in the case of a dog initially beloved by a married couple but later relegated to the position of second fiddle upon the birth of a first child, other variants may include single owners with new romantic relationships, owners accepting more demanding jobs, etc. Derived from the 1955 film Lady and the Tramp, the first mainstream picture to raise public awareness of the issue.
Homeowner #1: I wonder why Sally's dog has been barking so much lately.
Homeowner #2: Probably lonely, since Sally has been staying at her new boyfriend's every night.
Homeowner #1: Wow, that little floozy completely Lady and the Tramped her.

Jane: How is Winston doing these days?
Tom: Winston? Who's Winston?
Jane: Um... your dog?
Tom: ...?
Jane: The English bulldog you adopted seven years ago?
Tom: ...?
Jane: You always used to talk about him before you and Betty had the twins last year?
Tom: Oh, that's right! I think he's in the backyard. Or at the groomer's. I know I saw him when we left for the hospital. Or maybe it was the week before that...
by Jim Dear's Brother April 17, 2014
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When you cum in a woman's mouth, kiss her and string out the cum in her mouth with yours and then suck it in together...just like lady and the tramp
"Hey mom thanks for the pineapple smoothie last night! Tasted great when my girlfriend and I were Lady and the Tramping last night."
by WallProMer September 19, 2016
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