The bloated feeling you get from consuming too much of a dairy product, namely milk. Not necessarily restricted to the lactose intolerant (lactards).

Lactard lactose intolerant
"Man, that vanilla milkshake made me lactarded"
"I'm feeling so lactarded right now"
by Nerissa Stewart June 8, 2006
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One whose body does not produce enough lactase, who therefore relies on E. Coli for lactose digestion.
"Drink your milk! Oh, sorry, I forgot you were a lactard"
by lactarded llama May 29, 2004
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Lactard; a person who is lactose intolerant and is retarded
Damn George why can’t you eat that pizza? Oh I forgot your a lactard!
by A1dan__ May 2, 2023
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Someone who is lactose & tolerant and farting constantly.
Michael had to much ice cream and he is been a lactard!
by shtoogie123 February 21, 2016
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Lactardation; The state of being a Lactard; Someone who cannot and should not consume dairy products of any kind but continues to do so leaving everyone around them to suffer the consequences. Lactards are selfish individuals who should be punished in a court of law.
Random fuck: Yo you smell the school bathroom ???
Random fuck #2: Yeah bro someone’s got a severe case of lactardation in there.

Random fuck: Yeah fr they should get lactards their own bathroom.
by B-e-s-t friends January 6, 2022
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The act of going to a restaurant and faking a dairy allergy to annoy your server
Lactardness: I am lactose intolerant. I can have a little dairy, I'll have the enchilada
by BvdGalLili July 25, 2015
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