Ay we should have a blaze then go to a movie, that would be lacked
by shlacked January 22, 2018
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A significant lack of substance within a mean, arrogant, and mad context.
The middle aged daughter took her aging Mother for lunch. Her complete lackness of good behavior and interest clearly illustrated their awful relationship history. She just didn't care about her Mother as she displayed such apparent lackness of love.
by suzgirl November 24, 2016
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In Chicago lacking means walking around with out a gun
If i catch a opp lacking he getting. Smoke
by Ar5003A September 2, 2016
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Slang; To get caught doing something weird/sus a.k.a getting caught in 4k by someone.
by GraftonPlayz1 November 13, 2022
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Falling behind on your hood game
"Dont let me catch you lacking my nigga"
by landon1365 August 25, 2015
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