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A suburb of Chester which is the equivalent of a modern day leper colony. Primarily consisting of local authority housing, The Lache is home to a blend of cock gobblers, smack rats, crack heads and benefit cheats.
"Look at the state of him, the slack jawed, buck toothed beaut. I bet he lives on The Lache"

"Jenny from The Lache is such a slag, I bet her fanny is a saggy as a chef's hat."
by The Spanner December 11, 2006
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(say like lush ay)
1. beautiful amazin sexy blue eyes

2. The girl that looks right thru you no matta what you do to getta attention
1. girl yo eyes is so lache

2. Man forgetta, she always gonna lache you
by Gigetti Aka Getti Baby July 21, 2008
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Laughs a lot, has many friends, smart mouthed, short, cute, and can be a bitch a lot!!
I saw a lache in the store the other day?
Lache’s are the best people to hang out wit!
by Ugly_swaggg May 02, 2018
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Housing estate in Chester populated by poor white folk in a very afluent city.

The Lache has now picked itself up in recent years after it picked up a very bad reputation, the area was hit by a very bad crime wave due to heroin addicts causing all kinds of problems.

The area is now recovering and it has become a much nicer place to live in the 21st century.
by creweman April 27, 2008
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