NOT a term for anything sexual. A male name that means 'white' in Hebrew.

Also the name of someone in the bible.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011
Acronym for “Lame A$$ Bitxh A$$ Ni&&a”
Susan: I can’t go to the game, I’m busy with homework...

Dontarius: Stop beana Laban Susan
by Meme master lord November 19, 2018
When one says laban a lot
"Morris, stop labaning and say something else other than leban."
by Pestcontrol1014 September 5, 2022
The plural form of labia.
Multiple labia.
My wife and I had a threesome the other day, at one point during the session I had both of their laban rubbing on my face.
by Jimmer Bob April 4, 2008
He is a typical English teacher with king like abilities to teach his students about English.
Jeremy: “Look, now it’s time for some English lessons with King Laban!”
by EGGJunge December 6, 2019