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Lace the fuck up!!!

A term used by badboy signed rapper MGK (Machine Gun Kelly)
Life doesnt stop for no body, so LTFU!!

lace the fuck up mgk machine gun kelly cleveland
by lovely101810 September 15, 2011
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Load The Fuck Up (LTFU) is commonly used by Yeovil rapper Rapid Fire Kelly.

LTFU means to be ready to shoot forward, and push on through everything, cause in the field it is every man for himself. His gun he would "Load Up" would be a Ak47.
Stranger: " 'Ey, todays been hard, i want it all to stop"
Me: " Man, you ain't going no where, you better LTFU. The family is here for you"
by DEADLYPR3DATOR_EST20XX August 27, 2016
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