Lesbian Standard Time. As lesbians and wlw zoom through their relationships and move in after 2 days, U-Haul included.
"Bro, I think I'm in love with her.."
"You met her yesterday?"
"Things move faster in LST okay!?"
by sapphicdeanwinchester April 1, 2021
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Living sex toy.

A strange form of bondage play when a partner normally a male is treated no better than a dildo. A lst usually is tied and gagged (and possibly blindfolded ) so they cannot touch the partner during intercourse. Its a lack of intamacy in the act.

And when intercourse is over. The person is set free and sent away.
Jane: Jack here been my lst for years. All i want is his dick, not his money or marriage.
by Theamazinggeek April 16, 2018
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Life Size Trisha. What every man wants, but cannot have.
by steppedinpunk May 22, 2003
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Laughing (or Laughed) Silently To Self
My friend, Frank, fell down on a pile of dog sh*t... LSTS

Instead of saying LOL which is what most people would have actually done in this instance - because Frank is my friend and I am a compassionate person, I LSTS.

Most often, LSTS is the most honest term to use - as most people use LOL when they really aren't making any vocal noises at all.
by bertab63 June 29, 2010
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the independent time that people of latin decent function off of. this usually means they will be late anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.
Kaitlyn- Where's Lola?
Reesa- Don't you know she runs on Latin Standard Time (LST)?! She'll be here in an hour...
by chacoscontacos May 9, 2018
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“ d3cember lst”
by period uh November 27, 2022
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