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Law abidance, Sobriety, and a Good night's sleep. A phrase used to describe a relatively tame night out, vacation, or other experience. However, most often used ironically to describe an unusually eventful time when none of these activities occurred or surreptitiously to avoid self-incrimination.
Father: "What did you and your friends get up to last night?"
Son: "Just the usual LSG, Pop!"
Father: "That's my boy."
Son: (winks at camera)


Father: "Why are you drunk, ill-rested, and calling from the police station?"
Son: "Major LSG last night, Pop."
by MajorLSG January 25, 2011
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Lake Saint George; A lake in Pinellas County in the Tampa Bay, FL area. An upper middle class suburban area outside the city limits of Tampa, FL. Also the Lake St. George "Gang" a small poorly organized group less than 10 individuals centered around the CR-90 and CR-95 area of Lake St. George.
If the LSG graffiti near my house I'll pull out my concealed 45 and make it look like an accident.
by FLStateCopLSG July 17, 2010
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Lake St. George. A growing Neighborhood Gang in the Tampa Bay Area (FL). Estimated to have over One Hundred members and/or affiliates. Main gang color is green. Gang is known for violence, vandalism, theft, and mainly drug trafficking.
LSG is a gang in the neighborhood called "Lake ST. George". The gang and the neighborhood have the same name.
by *_*_*_*_ November 19, 2009
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
LSG stands for Left Shoe Gang. a gang that collects left shoe pictures. they have there own website
hey what does LSG stand for? oh its this cool gang called Left Shoe Gang
by tragic66 April 04, 2005
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