noun, adjective - abbreviation for Life of Klingele. An easy or lucky life. The good life. On easy street.
Sucka got a big ass raise. LOK for that sumbitch.
by Spudsy G April 23, 2008
Abbreviation of 'lol ok' in a whole series of words from, lok through to roflmfaok (rolling on the floor laughing my fucking arse off ok). All inbetweens are also in use, lmaok etc. Why? Thanks to me, Dan (a.k.a. AktiveDesign) I invented this wonderful string of words and now the world owes me big time...
Ale: Ooooooh I g2g now, a giant hamster just ate my last grape and I must hunt it down with an axe before it steals other peoples last grapes.

Dan: Lok
by Dan Bishop April 30, 2005
a lazy way to say LOL & OK at the same time.
ex;; i'll meet you later said sally, lok, said joe.. (in a text message)
by jsoul33 December 22, 2008
An abbrevation for "lots of kisses". Intened to symbolize affection through texting. (LOK)
Tabitha: " Sara LOK! See you Thursday!"

Sara: " LOK to you too bestie!"

Example 2

"Jenny Jacckson received a text from Gregg saying 'LOK', you know what that means."said Tabitha
by tatersalad1994 June 2, 2014
Acronym For Legacy of Kain. A game series with an extremely complex storyline but mediocre battle system. except Defiance. It's set in Nosgoth and follows a Vampire - Kain, and a Demon-like Wraith - Raziel.
I was playin LOK yesterdays and got pissed off.
by CoolQuatre December 30, 2004
LOK is an alliance guild on Monnoroth that is pretty kick ass, and likes to think of themselves as a group of friends, who happen to raid together.
LOK= Legacy of Khan
1) Jack off my target

2) Balls down

3) keep me topped

by whoot October 2, 2006
the places where you place your school book and school bag aka- school locker
teacher: are you go going to class
student: nah i have to go to my lok lok first
by yepyesyer February 16, 2006