An acronym for "laughing on inside" or "laughing on the inside".

Created to replace "LOL" since most people do not actually laugh out loud when they type it in a message.
Girl #1: "So I totally had sex with Rod the other day"
Girl #2: "LOI! You're such a slut."
by SchnauzerDouser December 07, 2006
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A unique kind of person, he/she is a nice, charming and funny person, always helping out and caring for others. They give the best hugs and can get quite jealous over the person they love. They will not stop chasing the person they like and are quite romantic.
I hell want to marry a lois, theyre faithful and give the best hugs

Lois is such a sweet girl, i love her to bits
by Altanonymous November 20, 2012
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a super sexy beast who supersexybeastness is too much for any guy to handle.

in other words, they don't know what to do around her so they become unintelligible with their words.

OMG, look at her, she's totally a Lois, YO!
by kdsjfklsdjir January 09, 2008
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A Lois is an AMAZING, friend who is always there for you. A Lois is the best friend you could ever wish for! She is a nice, caring, funny and loyal friend who will never let you down!
by Clutts xx October 10, 2011
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A super cute, amazing and sexy girl that knows how to treat a boy when she likes the boy. They are very naughty but will not show it until you maje the first move. They are also very good and amazingly great kissers.
1. Get you a lois nigga.
2. A lois and a Emmanuel are the power couples of all other couples.
by Kayla hanes January 03, 2017
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A Hilariously funny Girl, with a great sense of Humor, Beautiful, Amazing eyes, and an Irresistable power No boycan refuse. Will make a great Comedian in Life.
Wow Lois, You are so funny.... marry me? loool :)
by Mr.Redunkulus December 07, 2010
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