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Absolutely Incredibly Supremely Gay.
School in Guangzhou.
Pussies, shitty refs, really suck at all sports known to man, director with blue balls, even the FRENCH are better than them. Sully is gay!
Dude, this weekend was so shitty, i might as well have been at AISG.
by whoisthis? January 19, 2009
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The name of a very very famous band located in China.
Nobody knows what LHC stands for.
Did u see LHC's gig? It was fucking awesome.

Dude 1: What the fuck does LHC stand for?
Dude 2: Lesbians Have Cocks
Dude 3: WTF, U suck, it's Lions Hate China
Dude 1: Whatever... They are fucking awesome
by whoisthis? January 8, 2009
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