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LHC aka V3idaniel Daqwinski. Born on the streets of Chicago, he had his perfect opportunity of a lifetime when he met Uncouples his next victim. so he nonced on him because his fake eGirl Addison cheated on him because of his absence shrimp peen. even tho coupies was 11 that didn’t stop him from wanted to penetrate his anus. his pedophilia caused him to have crippling diarrhoea. his eyes brows that looks like boomerangs help him prey on his next victim.
LHC is cute.
by Vertaci October 13, 2021
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Nickname Romp, competitive Black Ops 3 player on Xbox who is from the Old World. Says he plays on controller but definitely is a keyboarder. Has a huge ego cause he think he is better than Mountain Man Quit Shaking. He is also a simp for Laurel according to former aF member Quit Shaking.
I want to be a Rompal because he is a sweat.
by Vertaci June 11, 2020
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“a huge raging homosexual with a keyboard who believes he has the Knowledge, Strength and Integrity to be classified as a cod athlete. he is known to drive around his truck around colorado trying to sneak kids in the back so he can brag to his non existent fan base about having friends when in fact they are just his personal noncey neeky abductions“
Don’t be a Quit Shaking.
by Vertaci June 9, 2021
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A fat kid who lives in an Igloo in Canada who is known for using Glitch Classes in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and does not use Stock.
Don't be an IQFP.
by Vertaci June 30, 2019
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Legends has it that God is the creator of the universe, little did they know that it was actually Wade. The best Call of Duty Black Ops 3 SnD, with his 100 SPM and 1.80 KDR he can do anything. Do I need to say more, it’s Wade god damn it!
OMG it that the legend himself Waade x!
by Vertaci July 4, 2019
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