An acronym for "Looks Good To Me", often used as a quick response after reviewing someone's essay, code, or design document.
LGTM, dude. You can go ahead and push this craxy code to the prod server. We'll make M$ wish they were flippin burgers! Woot!
by akshay_s August 2, 2007
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Let's Get This Merged. A phrase of encouragement, typically used in code reviews.
This code is awesome. LGTM!
by Cool Tom January 24, 2017
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Yet another inclusive acronym, stands for "Lesbian Gay Transgender Martian". Commonly used by aliens to infiltrate human societies, when they forgot their camouflage kit in the spaceship.
Hello fellow humans, we are from the LGTM community, we come in peace.
by tonca February 18, 2021
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An acronym for "Literally Garbage To Me, often used as a quick response after reviewing someone's code or design document which is nonsense and should be moved to trash as it just wasted someones life time reading it.
Most likely redundant or not well written or in coding considered the consequences of it
The code LGTM. Do not ever think of merging or publishing it ever. Delete any trace of your evolvement and existence .
by JamesCodingBrown December 15, 2017
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Stands for Let's Get This Money. Often reffered to as getting stuff done, doing something awesome such as beerbonging or shotgunning beers and or bench pressing insane weights, or housing crazy amounts of pot pies late in the night. Often shouted to rouse lazy party goers or others in the weight room.
Guy one: Dude I've already had 15 and ate burger king i dont kow if I can shotgun anymore...
Guy two: LGTM!!!!!
Guy one: I don't know dude, seriously my stomach hurts!
Guy two: LGTM!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy one: Alright dammit... lgtm
by GettingMoneyEnthusiast March 11, 2011
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Short for "let's get the mayonnaise." Phrase used to positively encourage oneself and others to achieve the salient objective of the day.
"You all ready to get in there and close the Parker Avenue deal? LGTM!"
by baconbiscuits January 31, 2020
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An acronym for the saying "Let's Go Team Mish", which more simply means: Let's go on a team mission.
Will: "How's the energy today, are we ready for a big one?"
Mish Team: "F Ya, LGTM!"
by willstew August 9, 2018
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