your straight friends have to purchase lgbtq+ to unlock special perks of having YOU as their gay best friend

these perks include:
-no homo making out sessions (with free lgbtq, homo is the only option)
-living together, as historians would call it, as best friends, often writing romantic letters to one another (BUT IN A PLATONIC WAY!)
-you no longer have the 5-a-month limit to "no homo"
Tell your straight friends to buy it now! Only 69.99 for a year!
Hey, have you purchased LGBTQ+?”
by Have A Nice Day! ❤️ April 28, 2022
L - Mentally
G - Ill
B - Faggot
T - No
Q - Father
+ - Extra chromosomes
Basic white bitch emily: OMG IM PART OF LGBTQ+
Normal person : Where's your father? faggot
by fuck off tom July 29, 2022
The premium version of the LGBT subscription service. It costs $9.99 per month and removes ads.
Guy 1: Bro, I got LGBTQ+!
Guy 2: And I'm stuck with boring old normal LGBTQ!
Guy 1: Don't worry bro.
(They kiss, because they're LGBT.)
by evrstz June 12, 2022
You are LGBTQ+
+ More
Person 1: I am a part of the LGBTQ+
Person 2: cool what are you?

Person 1: lesbian

Person 2: ok I support you
by I_am_gay567 November 1, 2021
A premium gay LG phone! For 666.666 USD per second, it is pre-downloaded with hacked Disney+, an actual screen this time and instant fans!
Dude A: Hey bro i just got the new LGBTQ+

Dude B: Not funny, Dude A
Dude A: What? Look at it here! It really has a screen!
Dude B: *Sharts and cries* wah wah im sad now

Dude A: shut up
by Sharti-B November 29, 2021
LGBTQ+ stands for Lutetium Gate Bipolar Transistor Queefplus It is a newer variant of the LGBT that is manufactured by Queefplus, hence the Q+ designation. The Queefplus version allows even higher currents to be carried in a single transistor. Pulses of over 6,500,000 amps are possible with the Royal Navy using this transistor in their railgun where magnetic fields are used to launch projectiles at hypersonic speeds.
The LGBTQ+ is a high pulse current transistor.
by Optitroll Systems April 28, 2022
Stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and more. A community that’s full of color and amazing. Be who you are lovey people!!
Person 1: I’m part of LGBTQ+
Person 2: I’m an Ally
by thatreallyreallyreallyomnoteen November 21, 2022