Person A: Hey, did you know that LGBT

Person B: yeah, he has mama milkers
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lgbt is a pile of trash full of fuckin shit
by Igotaps7 September 17, 2023
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LGBT stands for Lutetium Gate Bipolar Transistor. This type of transistor is used in high voltage DC stations where voltages of over 500,000v need to be modulated into alternating current and fed into a step down transformer for distribution to homes and businesses. It suffers from low switching speed but has negligible on resistance.
The ZPS500 LGBT is rated for 500,000v at 2000 amps at 25 degrees C
by Optitroll Systems April 28, 2022
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His instagram is guyallennn
Oh my god guyallennn? Leader of lgbt”
by Kebbanjie04 December 14, 2022
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