Similiar to 'LB', LG stands for 'Little Girl' and has in recent years been adopted by young Asian-Australians. LG's are generally identified by perfectly manicured hands, 'on-fleek' makeup, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Michael Kors bags, Long Island Ice Teas at the Sanctuary Hotel, Korean BBQ, and shorts and white Nike sports bra's at your local Melbourne/Sydney Trance or Hardstyle event.
Kim is my favourite LG
Yes omg she was munting so hard at Transmission though
by Western Suburbs Citizen November 6, 2017
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Local Game Store. Generally refers to card games, but many local game stores also have miniatures, D&D and comics.
I just went to my LGS to play some Magic: The Gathering.

FNM was great this week at my LGS.

My new LGS has better prize support than my old LGS.
by XiSrOn August 17, 2010
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Stands for Little Girl, but means so much more: a young girl between 10 and 14 years old who adapts the mannerisms of (what they believe to be) a steriotypical teenager, purely for image and popularity. LGs are often found in mini skirts, skater shoes/pumps/platforms and loads of makeup.

The word LG originated in Vancouver, B.C. after an abundance of the kind were found lurking around the city.
Many young disney channel stars are LGs.
by yoyoyoyoyohfhfhf March 27, 2009
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Local Gun Store (or Shop) - generally used on internet forums that cater to firearms owners.
From a typical internet forum thread:
I picked up a very nice rifle at my LGS this weekend, $525 OTD.
by f-liberals August 5, 2016
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Little 14 and 15 year old girls who go to college parties to look cool, steal alcohol and get sex from as many guys as possible. See twinky, slut
college guy1: Wheres Stu man?
college guy2: Oh he is bare backin that LG in the laundry room.

The LGs all shared a beer then went on a drunkin hunt for dick
by lowjack November 26, 2003
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This term and commonly used phrase stands for 'little girl' and is pronounced 'el-gee'. The girl referred to maybe not necessarily a slut, but a girl around the age of sixteen or below who is renowned for attempting to appear older than their actual age. For example many try to simulate wild nights they have seen their siblings participate in while others affiliate themselves with sixth formers and university students, sometimes successfully having relations of an intimate nature with them. Many go on to boast about these events, often lying about details. The term was coined in Bedford School by the renowned LG Bandits, also known for coining other key phrases of the time. Another related phrase is 'TLG' (tasty/too little girl) referring to a girl who is too young or young but very very good looking.
"Classic LG's"

"Mate, your such an LG hunter/bandit"

"That LG got dealt wiv"

"Man, how waste are LG's these days"

"I cant wait till that LG is legal"

"LGs lookin too buff these dayz"
by Anonymous Profile December 25, 2008
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If somebody comments LG on your post ir says your LG it means looking good
Your LG babes
by Im_a_ddlg_girl💖💓 March 24, 2019
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