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Friday Night Magic.

A weekly tournament held at the local game store on Friday nights, where people throw down MTG cards for about 4 hours.
Sinclair: Yo dave, you coming to FNM tonight? It's modern format.
David: Yeah sure! What's the entry cost?
Sinclair: $5. See you down there.
by catron44 December 08, 2016
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FNM stands for Faith No More. Faith No More is an American rock band from San Francisco, California, hailed as one of the most influential metal/rock bands of the late 80s and early 90s, and credited for inventing alternative metal and as an influence on nu metal.
Bro 1: Link me to some good music, bro.

Bro 2: Here's "Epic" by FNM.

Bro 1: FNM?! They're fucking epic!
by feasty August 21, 2012
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