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LDB is short for Long Distance Boyfriend. Meaning that your partner lives across the country or even further away leading to none/infrequent real life meetings.
I'm planning to visit my LDB this weekend, I really miss him!
by FaithRicjar February 14, 2015
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an abbreviation for Lick Deez balls that is used as slang
You can just ldb
you all can ldb
unkenstein LDB!!!
by Anthony "tre" the pimp July 12, 2006
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Lena Dunham Bod
Squat female body...flabby, tattooed, and unappealing
^ Lillian's a lovely person, but she has an LDB, and I just can't afford to be seen escorting her around town anymore
> Who's Lillian? Some gal you've been dating lately?
^ No, my wife...
by AcheNot March 14, 2019
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slang for lil dumb bitch a.k.a the girl that live in Erwinville. Becareful them LDB's got gonnerhea
You fucked her without a condom!?!
Yea, I think I got gonnerhea from that LDB.
Aww maynee me too.
She didnt tell me she had it.
Bruh she didnt tell me either.
by Jennifer Neill & Ashlee Aucoin February 06, 2011
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LDB = lonely desperate bitch

girls who have never had a boyfriend and so go out to parties, get extremely drunk and lose their virginity to randoms
"she is so LDB right now
by u_wanna_be_me November 07, 2008
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