LDB is short for Long Distance Boyfriend. Meaning that your partner lives across the country or even further away leading to none/infrequent real life meetings.
I'm planning to visit my LDB this weekend, I really miss him!
by FaithRicjar February 14, 2015
Long-distance Beauty.
He's just an LDB; good from afar but far from good.
by nytoflboy January 27, 2008
slang for lil dumb bitch a.k.a the girl that live in Erwinville. Becareful them LDB's got gonnerhea
You fucked her without a condom!?!
Yea, I think I got gonnerhea from that LDB.
Aww maynee me too.
She didnt tell me she had it.
Bruh she didnt tell me either.
by Jennifer Neill & Ashlee Aucoin February 6, 2011
My buddy moved away so now we LDB while playing xbox online.
by highvoltz February 22, 2009
Acronym for Long Dong Birzer. Denotes a man with a large phallus and the demeanor that comes with it.
Man that guy’s an LDB for sure
by Don Parcel January 15, 2021