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Los Chubby Chasers. A group of men who have a preference for women who vary from thick to chubby.

The party's always rockin' when the chubbies come a' knockin'!
My homie denied all night that he would hook up with the chubby. But after some rounds of beer pong, more beer and a lot of weed, did you see the chubby he took home at 1:23? That's because he is a member of LCC.

We are having a LCC night. That means it's chunky monkey time!
by lilstanky82 June 09, 2011
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The LCC is an acronym for Log Cabin Crew. The Log cabin is the a basement located in colebrook connecticut. The crew consist of about 6-9 people on any given night. Mass quantities of weed are smoked and unhealthily amounts of alcohol is consumed. If you attend an LCC event there is a good chance you will not remember the night and be beaten a beer pong by team dynasty.
JS: LCC tonight?
CD: Fuck ya were gonin to the fuckin looney bin tonight.
by gordon reed January 15, 2008
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lugoff community college. a place where the parties are high and the grades are low. founded by alan and tommy
alan:yo where u go to school at
alan:hey, thats where the parties are high and the grades are low
by inbred fred December 12, 2007
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A crew of wanna-be-cholos from South Gate, California. they are are lazy good for nothing immature guys into their 20's. they tag their dumb sign all over the city leaving te residents to remove the graffiti. they have no respect for peoples property. they don't know how to spell .. they call South Gate "Sur Gate" embarrising the city. these wanna-be-cholos are pot heads druggies infected with stds. they think they own the city that this is their city, but little do these idiots know that they don't.
guy 1:hey look at that wana be cholo tagging
guy2: aww pobresito he must be from LCC
guy1: he trys to hard to e tough
guys2 : that's all of them
guy1; just leave him alone they'll never amount to anything.. how much do you wanna bet he's still living at home with his mama

guy2; he probably calls his parents home HIS pad
guy1: lol
by sgnigs April 29, 2013
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A School in ohio filled with shitty people,shitty teachers and gay assemblys ther try to take you money then rape you up the ass home of the famous schroll got his rapist start here also the sweetest girl Ever mariah attends here
LCCS is a weird school
by Someone876543 September 24, 2008
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