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The city of Lubbock, TX, located right below the panhandle.
I am from the flat land known as the LBK.
by nunya_bidness October 12, 2006
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little black kid, often seen in a big white tee
"Hey, those LBK's are eating all of the fried chicken."
by joemontana March 09, 2005
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sometimes shortened to lb. the most mackinest h4xz0r alive.
damn, lb, leave some chicks for us!
by lbk August 24, 2003
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A bicycle crew originated in Queens, New York. LBK is an acronym for Liberty Bike Kings. They are a part of "bikelife" which is known for the stunts people do on their bikes. Rumor has it that LBK wants to bring back the old bikelife and stop all of the bike stealing and conflicts
Guy: Yo bro wanna join LBK
Guy #2 : What is it?
Guy: Oh yeah it's just a bike crew and your nice on that bike so mind joining?
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by Bikelife Definitions June 02, 2018
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