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as in 1337 hacker
Don't mess with him he's a 1337 h4xz0r and he will own u.
by ashamed October 11, 2003
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A hacker mostly used in Counter Strike and other online based games some one who uses hacks to show he needs something to help him aim and proves he has no life......

1f J00 C4n 1234d 7h1s J00 1234lly N33d to GE7 4 L1F3
Counter Strike Guy1:Your A Hacker Im reporting you!
Hacker:H4H4H4 F00 Is U 0uTt4 Y0 M1ND F00 IM G0NN4 H1 J4CK YO MUMM4!
by Empire March 28, 2005
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