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Lee Minho (Lee Know) is a member and a main dancer in a South Korean group named Stray Kids. The talent that runs through that boy’s body is insane. He’s not nicknamed dancing gem for no reason. Not only can is he a powerful dancer, he can also rap (Boxer) and have amazing vocals (Hero’s Soup, Voices & more); so basically he’s a triple threat, but guess what he’s more than that? He’s the literal dawn, he brings light into darkness and he’s a reminder that there’s always better days. He’s thoughtful, he’s caring, he’s kind, he’s funny, he’s compassionate, he’s intelligent, he’s all the amazing adjectives that exists in the world. He’s the father of three cute cats that he adores beyond words could explain. At a very young age he volunteered at animal shelters which made him beg his parents to adopt a cat, and when they said yes, he called different vets to see if anyone would let him adopt one, which brought him Soonie. Doongie was given to him by a friend, and Dori his latest baby was adopted from a website with abandoned animals. He loves taking funny pictures because it makes him laugh and he just wants us to laugh with him, yanno like how best friends do. He acts tough but is actually the softest for his members, he takes care of them and is their shoulder to cry on. He has the biggest heart in the entire kpop industry and deserves to be treated with nothing but love. This is long, but all I wanna say is he deserves the entire universe + the milky way.
Lee Minho superior.
by linoluvr October 11, 2019
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dancing gem lee minho from stray kids. his stage name is lee know, which stands for him knowing stray kids’ fans, as well as himself. he’s a caring, lovely and fun person. he loves making other people laugh, which is why he often posts weird selfies on ig. lee know rocks every concept and dances. he’s a powerful vocalist, as well as a powerful rapper. plus he loves cats, which is why he has three and the cutest cat phone case.
person A: “lee minho best boy
person B: “i agree
by 98lino October 11, 2019
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Easily one of the most talented and hard working people ever. He’s an amazing dancer and can dance literally any style flawlessly, he is a rap legend (see boxer if you don’t believe me), his vocals are so good and pretty that it makes me cry (see his falsetto in voices) and he is smart, kind and the most beautiful person inside and out.
if you don’t stan lee minho you don’t understand talent
by stanthejeekies October 11, 2019
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One of the best and most hard working dancers of the industry, is also very highly skilled as both a vocalist and a rapper. He is also patient and a great teacher to both other members and stays, and keeps encouraging us and saying we have the ability to do well. He is kind hearted and possess love for animals of any kind and shows it through his beloved rescue cats and many others things. He likes being complimented and encouraged, and has a beautiful and genuine passion for his work. He also has the most beautiful smile. Stays and Stray Kids will forever be thankful to have him by their side.
Lee Minho is just that sweet, talented and handsome ? Wow...
by babystay October 11, 2019
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literally the most perfect human being ever. he can sing, rap dance, he loves cats. his smile is so pretty and he deserves the whole world. he's also extremely funny and has a great personality (him looking beautiful is just a bonus)
i love lee minho (as all humans with any brain cells should)
by iloveminho October 11, 2019
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the most talented boy ever, people tend to overlook him and disregard his talents when they SHOULDN’T. He’s so precious and pretty everyone is whipped for him. Stan talent, Stan Lee minho
chan: where minho go?
lee minho: *in the other room playing with his funny filters*
by lushlamar October 11, 2019
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Sexy South Korean actor/model/singer featured in "Boys Over Flowers" and "City Hunter".

He is often compared to Kim Hyun Joong- Nobody can agree on who is the hottest.
(3 am) *Drools* "I'm going to learn Korean, get employed by SM, and Lee Min Ho will somehow fall for me and we will get married and have babies"

by fightingunnie June 23, 2013
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