Long ass shift.
(Pronounced "Lass")
Co-worker: You see last nights game?
Me: Nope I was on a LAS.
by ApplesPotatoGardner December 8, 2020
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A group of crazy friends,they are in tha same school and they LOVE russian language ehehe.They are all so pretty exept one .TANTANTANBNNNNN.pur panikka
girl 1:have you heard of the new group in school named LAS ?
girl 2;yes omg they are so cute and badass
by lasforever December 21, 2020
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love alot syndrome: when someone has LAS they tend to fall in "love" very easily and constantly. and cant be single for very short periods of time. they may claim to love someone but when things turn sour they completly disregard their existence later moving on to someone else.
Taylor Swift has LAS
John Mayer has LAS
by kjgirl March 11, 2014
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Rubin: "Kate Gosselin should go become the boss on Amish Mafia"
Libby: LAS! You're obsessed with Pennsylvania
by LtotheKay June 2, 2015
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The noise you make when you refuse to listen to somebody and drown out their words with your own noise. Usually accompanied by sticking your fingers in your ears or shaking your head.
"We're both adults, right? Well, last night your mom and I were having maritals and she wanted me to try ... "
"I am not listening! La la la la!"
by Coell September 2, 2005
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