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lside: a place where confused white boys with rich
doctor and lawyer parents, feel that their life with
no chores and too much allowance and year passes to
playdium, have been hard.
a community where the white rich children know of no hardships
and have never had to worry about money for food/rent/busfare.
2. spoiled little ungrateful assholes that don't appreciate what they have in life, and drive around in mommies hot car to poor neighborhoods, trying to make life harder for people that are already struggling.

3. ****ing parasites.
Look those are some hardcore L-Side Wiggaz.
by hype April 10, 2005
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A word used by the wiggers in an attempt to ghettofy the area. "L-Side" or Leaside, is one of the cleanest, whitest places to live in Toronto.
LSide Represent! BRAAAP! BRAAAP!!
by JRoc April 10, 2005
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A website that features 'Johnny Crack' (who got his name from one of Fat Joe's other names, Joey Crack), "Pye Dog" and "BONE" who is apparently serving 'hard time' in the don jail for assault charges. All in all, people related to L-Side Ent should ask them selves how many non white people live in leaside. Its the safest richest place in all of Toronto and isnt even close to being a ghetto.
That L-side ent website is ****ing hilarious.
by Nezzbite May 06, 2005
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Or Leaside Ent. A rap record label. Str8 outta L-Side ghetto. Canada home of the hardest ghettos around. 20bagz,Johnny Crack,Pye Dogg,Bone,Heve C,Ghost,Norcotics.
by unknown February 02, 2005
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