L/C means Like and comment on my recent post. Which could be on social medias such as Instagram or Twitter.
by That sexy guy ceej April 11, 2017
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To like and comment on a new post usually on Instagram

Also with recent posts
Oi what do you think of this pic, l+c it yeah?
by Iheartchickennugs January 19, 2019
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To Like and comment on something
Friend: l & C on my new insta pic
by Instalover December 4, 2016
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To like and comment, used on IG
Please l & c
by Thatboydave May 14, 2016
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It means "Like and Comment" on Instagram.
Instagrammer: "Yo I just posted be sure to subscribe to my profile and gives a thumbs up on my picture! L + C!"
Other person: "Okay bro, I subbed to your profile and followed your channel and gave you a thumbs up! Anything else you want me to do?"
by tmkkmt February 12, 2019
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In the context of a webinar, l/c means loud and clear.
The host of the webinar say over audio: "I need to do an audio check. Can you hear me?"
The audience members reply in the chat box: "l/c"
by fintechstic December 4, 2017
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Lift and Carry.

A sexual fetish which involves sexual arousal obtained either by carrying a person or (more often) being carried. In theory this is gender neutral where anybody can gain arousal by either carrying or being carried. In practice its more often the case where a man gets aroused by being carried by a woman.
Pulled a chick and went back to hers. We were larking about when suddenly she picked me up and I ended up jizzing in my jeans. That L&C was amazing ! .
by Riderphile August 15, 2018
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