L'manburg is a separate server to dreamteamsmp created by Wilbur Soot and his second hand man TommyInnit they then recruited Wilbur Soots son (Fundy), Tubbo and Eret L'manburg then went into a war with the dreamteamsmp they dominated the war until the rat boy also known as Eret betrayed them and they were brutally murdered by the dream team SMP Eret screamed "Down with the revolution boys" Later in the war dream came to L'manburg and blew up one piece of TNT at least that's what the citizens of L'manburg thought, but it turned out to be a trap and all of L'manburg blew up TommyInnit rushed the team to his secret bunker and they listened to a inspirational song as they talked TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot later met up with dream to resolve the issues dream said they were bad fighters so TommyInnit snapped and started cursing at dream and I'm his anger he challenged dream to a bow duel, this was a mistake dream was obviously SUPPIRIOR to TommyInnit in bow skills ,TommyInnit died in the water TommyInnit talked with dream and sorted out the independence but for a price he lost his million dollar disks but from then all peace was found.

Later dream manipulated Skeppy into blowing up the walls Skeppy then regret his decisions and called dream a b boy and defended L'manburg.

L'manburg is now gone back to its original state of selling many drugs
Skeppy: I wish I was British so I could enter l'manburg
by Callum Craft August 14, 2020
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I don't know what this is, but a blonde kid in a Cadillac won't leave me alone
"L'manburg is epic"- Sun Tzu
by IJustWannaMowHay December 14, 2021
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Well i heard there was a special place, where men could go and emancipate, the brutality and tyranny of their rulers,well this place was real but now its gone,techno and dream planted a bomb,its a very big and definitely blown up l'manburg,bye l'manburg,bye l'manburg,bye l'manburg, bye l'mananananburggg.-dream o7
Tommyinnit: i miss l'manburg:(
Dream: hahahahah*insert wheeze*its gone, now i wanna kill Tubbo_
Drista:*stares at dream while holding a fork*
by mcytfanlmaoo7bois March 1, 2021
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A group of individuals who believe in peace.

A minecraft country.
"These people are apart of L'manburg!"
by starrr_ January 4, 2021
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Well, I've heard there was a special place,
Where men could go and emancipate,
The brutality and the tyranny of their rulers.
Well, this place is real, we needn't fret,
With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck* Eret,
It's a very big and not blown-up L'Manberg
My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg**
by WILBUR SOOT March 2, 2021
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A swag minecraft world with many popular twitch streamers such as: Dream,Georgenotfound,Sapnap,Tubbo,Tommyinnit,Quackity,HBomb,Purpled,Technoblade,Niki Nihachu,Wilbur Soot,Fundy(furry),Skeppy,Badboyhalo,Antfrost and many more
Damn im going to watch a war between pogtopia and l'manburg today
by Communismfreak December 6, 2020
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A place in minecraft that was a place of peace and is now blown up cause of techno, dream, and philza.
by Lacy123cookie January 24, 2021
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