He's a very wholesome and friendly Twitch streamer. One of the best Minecrafters of this generation. A literal legend.
"Hey, who's your favorite Twitch streamer?"
"Oh, it's Eret. King shit no cap."
by thoughtrxform September 21, 2020
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An amazing twitch streamer who has helped so many in their life however is also a traitor and a bitch boy in the nicest way possible :)
Eret uses all pronouns and is a bi icon so we should all hail them.
1: Have you watched Eret's new stream
2: No who is that
1: You uncultured human being, Eret is the coolest person ever and we should all hail their streams
2: O-Okay bye then
1: I guess I was never meant to be friends with you
by SpareAgate June 12, 2021
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A Dream SMP member who is very nice, wholesome, caring, basically any good trait. If you're an Eret fan I already fucking love you. He is bisexual, has an unlabeled gender, and goes by any pronouns besides it/its. They are known for being the first traitor of L'manburg and the person who originally said "it was never meant to be." Her community is just awesome and I couldn't wish for a better community. Also known for wearing a strawberry dress and the term "bicon" is commonly used by their community to describe them.
Person 1: Yooo Eret is going to drop merch on Tuesday, June 21st. I can't wait!
Person 2: I forgot, you're an Eret fan. Isn't he homophobic though?
Person 1: My favorite quotes HAS to be "fuck gays, thatt's kinda the point, thanks for explaining it to me."
Person 2: huh?
by genderfluid_mess June 19, 2022
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a mean person who betrays others in war
Guy 1: Hey they look nice, lets be friends with them.
Guy 2: No, they're an Eret. They betrayed me in war. They're the reason i have this battle scar on me. They ruined my life. *dramatic sob*
Guy 1: oh.
by 69funnynumber August 24, 2020
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i see them as my brother, i love him so much and he deserves so much better <3
- Do you know Eret?
- YES! He's a very wholesome person!!
by erinaisgay November 21, 2021
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my platonic partner, brother and moral support at the same time, i appreciate him so much and I'm so thankful for them. i love them <3
do you know Eret?
YES! They're a very swaggy person!
by erinaisgay November 21, 2021
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Something that is said after someone has done something thats they know they shouldnt have but only tells because it is funny.

Only used with good friends.

Pronounced: "E-ree-t-e
"Bro i finally had sex with that bitch last night"
"Hell yeah, good shit bro"
"....I raw dogged her.....
by Dar Breezy December 6, 2011
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