A youtuber furry which makes minecraft youtube video's.
I have watched fundy before
by God_Of_Nothing September 24, 2020
A Dutch Minecraft youtuber that streams on twitch. Widely known for his coding in Minecraft to provide interesting twists to the game and contributions to the Dream SMP. Ran in the 2020 L'manberg Election for the SMP alongside Nihachu (Niki) as #Coconut2020 however losing with a percentage of 9% (20,000 votes).
His fox Minecraft avatar has caused many jokes throughout his time as a content creator, being referred to as a furry.
"Did you hear that Fundy promised cookies to the nation if we vote him for president?"
"What a great guy"
by isimpforblockpeopleitsaproblem November 5, 2020
A dutch programmer and streamer that plays minecraft.
"Where is Fundy?"
"I don't know, the last time he streamed was a week ago."
by notfundy September 13, 2020
A fundamental Christian, usually protestant, who obsesses over the Bible and had no real knowledge of anything.
Yesterday a fundy told me santa was satan, they just mixed up the letters.
by chris November 16, 2004

also a streamer and a coder but MAINLY, Furry.
"Twitch 𝒫𝚛-" *Mic cuts out* - Fundy
by Vernorexxie December 24, 2020
20 year old man child who happens to be a furry and plays a block game. known mostly for bullying a 16 year old boy and for calling merkup a bitch. he demoted caino out of pure horror that caino would be so cool and awesome.
"fundy?" said tommyinnit "are you actually a furry?"

"fuck no!" fundy replied (knowing deep down he actually is a furry).
by caino :) July 16, 2020